Soulvation is a Dutch DJ/Producers duo consisting of Ronald Molendijk and Erland Galjaard.

The love of housemusic is strong and this makes them want to push the boundaries as producers in every way possible 

You can find them almost every day and night in their own Soulcave Studio where they are working relentlessly on new tracks, unique edits and remixes. 

They released a string of tracks, which you can find and discover on portals such as Spotify, Beatport and Traxsource. Almost al their tracks are hitting the charts and received massive support in the DJ community. 

They describe their own unique style and sound as hard hitting tech and club house where energetic and uplifting are keywords. 

Come and check one of there live DJ set and notice that 50% of the tracks you hear will be written and produced by them.

Soulvation, because house is a feeling!